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Prosumis Carbon Solutions investors are becoming more and more aware of the effects of global warming, and more individuals and corporations are focusing towards a more environmentally aware emissions target. Opportunities that can reduce ones carbon footprint and become “Carbon Neutral” by the way of purchasing carbon credits is not only sound business practice but mandatory for some, due to legislation introduced, strongly encouraged and also enforced by many governments around the world.

Member countries in effect, due to their commitment to the Kyoto Protocol, are finding it increasingly difficult to meet their self-commitment and as a result are now finding themselves forced into the position of passing the responsibility of these emission limits onto businesses and their general public.

Prosumis Carbon Solutions is here to provide clients with the opportunity to not only purchase vital Carbon Credits so that they may comply with their relevant regulatory bodies in their own countries, but can concurrently offer a method of compliance to investment legislation pertaining to showing an ‘Eco-Friendly’ attitude.

Prosumis Carbon Solutions believes that the main reason behind any environmentally conscious actions of consumers, corporations and governments, now taking responsibility for how, even down to each individual and our actions, have a significant impact throughout public health, the global economy and of course, the planets climate.  We are developing cleaner and more efficient sources of energy to ensure a future for our descendants.

Our mission at Prosumis Carbon Solutions is to ensure that buyers are aware that carbon permits result in no reduction on the effects greenhouse gasses cause, only carbon credits and carbon offsets help reduce this environmental pollution. Governments, corporations and individuals can trade in types of carbon credit, carbon offset and carbon permit markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to combat global warming by offsetting carbon emissions through funding the highest quality clean energy projects. Afforestation and reforestation provide social and environmental benefits in developing countries while adhering to international standards such as VCS, CDM/JI, and the Gold Standard. By executing a long-term effective carbon management strategy we can help improve the environment on a global level.