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Prosumis Carbon Solutions understands that the demand for world energy is increasing, and as we have seen, predictions of future increase seem to generally have no limits and should be considered as a fundamental concern for companies to take part in the worldwide effort to reduce fossil fuel-based energy consumption.

“Greenhouse Gases” (GHG) adversely affect the environment and have a destructive effect on its inhabitants.  These “Greenhouse Gases” (GHG) are produced mainly by way of large-scale industrial processes such as the production of iron and steel, the making of sand and cement, processing natural gas and the refining of oil based products such as petroleum.

Reducing emissions of GHG is aimed at using less of the earths fossil fuels that are mainly carbon based.

As renewable “green” technology methods of developing the energy needed is increasingly providing us with alternative methods of production, the fact remains that fossil fuels, in particular coal and gas, will continue to provide the bulk of the worlds energy for the foreseeable future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to combat global warming by offsetting carbon emissions through funding the highest quality clean energy projects. Afforestation and reforestation provide social and environmental benefits in developing countries while adhering to international standards such as VCS, CDM/JI, and the Gold Standard. By executing a long-term effective carbon management strategy we can help improve the environment on a global level.